Oilfield Down the Hole Hammers and Drill Bits

Improve efficiencies in your operations

  • Wide variety of hammers and bits from top manufacturers
  • Models for soft and hard formations
  • Low wear rates in tough conditions

The Luby Oilfield Division delivers high quality hammers and bits from brands like Center Rock Inc. and Drill King International. Whether your job requires concave or convex designs, is penetrating soft, medium, hard, or very hard formations, or needs minimal vertical deviation, our hammers and bits provide excellent penetration rates and hole straightness.

Center Rock Inc. down the hole hammers and rock drilling bits

Down the hole hammers

Center Rock offers a comprehensive line of down the hole hammers, drills, and bits ranging from 3.5″ to 48″. They provide consistent drilling performance for foundation & geotechnical drilling, blasthole drilling in quarries & mines, waterwell & geothermal boreholes, oil & gas underbalanced drilling, horizontal directional drilling, and more.

DTH rock drill bits

Made from premium alloy steel and high quality tungsten carbide, Center Rock’s rock drill bits can handle the softest to the hardest rock formations. They offer the full range of face designs, button configurations, and shank styles to match your specific job requirements and type of rock.

Drill King International hammers

DTH air hammer

A pneumatically operated valveless percussion drill, the DTH uses air to force a piston to strike the bit, producing high impact loads and penetration through very hard formations.

Heavy duty hammer

Tough construction and durability make the Drill King heavy duty hammer ideal for enhanced wear protection in hard, abrasive formations.

Drill King International bits

The CC KRUSHER bit has three distinctly different face angles, while providing the performance of both concave and the convex designs.

Formation:Medium to Hard
Hole Straightness:Average
Penetration Rate:Excellent

The FLAT FACE bit has a simple and robust face design, best suited for very hard formations. It can also be used in soft formations where vertical deviation is not a priority.

Formation:Very Hard
Hole Straightness:Fair
Penetration Rate:Good

The CONCAVE bit is ideal for most drilling conditions and maintains a very straight hole due to the tapered recess in the face of the bit.

Formation:Medium to Hard
Hole Straightness:Very Good
Penetration Rate:Fare

The DROP CENTER bit features a recess in the impact face that provides a coring action, which helps keep the hole straight.

Formation:Sloping and Broke, Medium to Hard
Hole Straightness:Good
Penetration Rate:Average

The CONVEX bit is suited for very hard and abrasive formations as it incorporates two different gage rows leading up to the flat impact face.

Formation:Medium to Hard
Hole Straightness:Average
Penetration Rate:Excellent